My big dream

Growing up, I was very involved in the local 4-H community. I could never have enough animals. They brought me joy and memories that I will forever treasure. I also loved my experience as a special olympics coach throughout high school. Meanwhile, my mom was a nurse, helping people in oncology and hospice settings.

I noticed how many people in situations of great difficulty are deprived of the opportunity to interact with animals and experience the healing that I got to experience throughout my childhood. 

Thus, my dream was born; to share the many benefits of working with animals with people who would otherwise not get the opportunity. I hope to provide this opportunity with everyone from the average suburbanites, to the various special needs communities in the valley. I imagine a future where at-risk youth or special-needs kids can participate in 4-H. I imagine a future where alzheimers patients can hold a bunny to bring back some of their favorite memories. I imagine a future where kids can take field-trips to learn about the emerging alpaca industry.

Simply put, I hope to share my joys with my local community. I hope you can join me!


Tracy Jensen- your local farmer, doula, nurse, mom, aunt, friend, and dreamer